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As Voters Of The “Harmony Center”, The Electorate Was Hanging Out With Latvians

One of the best analyzes of recent election results belongs to Ruslan Straķis here on blogs. Against this background, this week’s speeches by former communist, now orangeist Māris Riekstins, about election surprises look only like weak, unspecified gossip.
I quote Mr. Straķis (on the theory of ethnic voting): “taking into account that in general 27.6% of Russians + 3.6 Belarusians + 2.5 Ukrainians live in Latvia, which together make up 33.7% of the population, but 326.7 thousand or 14.61% of the total population of are non-citizens, the real number of SC voters who could support the SC’s ideology and who have the right to vote is only 19.09%. (33.7% – 14.61% = 19.09%). 25.78% of 62.62% of eligible voters who had participated in the elections voted for SC in the 10th Saeima elections. This means that Latvians have also voted for SC, because nowhere else could these votes have arisen.
And since voter turnout was practically equal in both ethnic groups (Latvians and Slavs), as evidenced by an in-depth comparative data analysis (which is not included here only 19.09% of Slavs vote by ethnicity, but also the remaining 80.91% of voters. It fears parties that are fighting for these 80.91% of voters. The only thing that separates these 19.09% and 80.91% so far is ethnic discord and ethnic hatred. ”
Mr Straķis’ analysis does not mention that about 2% of Russian voters took the PCTVL and other small parties, another 2% of Russians voted for Sleser’s company. Thus, it turns out that out of 26% who voted for the SC in the Saeima elections, about 15% were Russian-speakers and about 10% were Latvians. Thus, about 60% of SC voters were Russian-speaking and about 40% were Latvian.
In addition, when buying PCTVL voters, the habit of PCTVL voters to delete any Latvian surnames was also removed from the SC list. As a result, the prospects of Latvian candidates on the SC list deteriorated sharply.
However, 60% of Russian and 40% of Latvian SC voters have noticed ONLY 6 Latvians out of 29 SC Saeima deputies. Thus, among Latvian SC deputies there are barely 20%, twice less than among SC voters. This means that the mass of Russian voters has subjected Latvian candidates to a much stricter removal than “their” “kravcovs”, which are poorly prepared for the work of the Saeima.
Seeing how better prepared Latvian candidates have been curtailed and deleted in the list of the “Harmony Center” in favor of “kravcovs”, in the future rarely which Latvian politician will be included in the SC list. In addition to Latvian candidates, SC returns to its 19% ethnic niche, where it fights for voters with PCTVL, Osipov and Linderman. With such election results, in Russian, туда ему и дорога (translation: his path also leads there).

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