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How The Srs Management Wrote Fairy Tales…

Kaspars cerņeckis (pictured), Deputy Director General of the Latvian Revenue Service (SRS), with the help of Latvian Television, SRS management.

On February 26, the Deputy Director General of the SRS cerņeckis LTV made a statement that – in the presentation of the agency LETA – even when we see a colleague leaving a proud car through the window, he instructs internal security specialists to find out the origin of this vehicle and how the SRS employee it has happened.

After publishing this fascinating story, Sufficiently approached both the SRS and Chernivtsi with questions about how many times in the last year Chernivtsi has observed such scenes, what employees and what make and model of cars are talking about, what procedures have followed each such Chernivtsi task “internal security specialists And the result of each inspection carried out.

Neither the SRS nor cerņeckis was able to provide an answer to any of these questions, but even more, judging by the reaction, the SRS management was confused by another Sufficient question – during which time enough a representative could drive to the infamous SRS building so that one of the SRS communication departments could to show exactly what the windows of Chernigov are, through which he is like to be able to observe his colleagues’ cars and even see their numbers, so that he can report to “internal security specialists”.

“The essence of the case is not related to a specific place,” – ignoring the request to present the windows of the Deputy Director General of the SRS, in the end admitted the management of the SRS. It also tried to explain that cerņeckis had in fact only “indicated” in the interview that he was “paying attention” to whether new and expensive cars had come into use by SRS employees.

Only the information obtained as a result of this attention is regularly passed on to the Financial Police as “risk information which the Department of Internal Security uses in the course of its daily work”. However, the SRS cannot mention any specific case, instead “drawing attention to the fact that the SRS is not entitled to transfer the information obtained during the fact-finding to third parties, as such actions interfere with the work of investigators”.

As Pietiek has already informed, these days Ināra Pētersone, the Director General of the SRS, has come up with a similar tale about her good works – only about the number of allegedly dishonest SRS employees. True, this story has also turned out to be embellished after examination.

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