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The Number Of Believers In Latvia Is Also Declining

In 2015, there were 1,514,702 believers in Latvian religious communities and congregations. The number of Catholics has grown, the Lutheran community has shrunk; the number of Orthodox remained unchanged.
Last year, there were 1,514,702 believers in Latvia – 11,650 less than a year ago, informs the portal Blagovest Info.
Lutherans report that their congregations have 700,465 church members, 16,942 less than in 2014.
Catholics, on the other hand, point out that there is an increase in their congregations: in 2014, there were 407,018 believers of this denomination in Latvia, but last year – already 415,440 Catholics.
There is no change in Orthodox communities and congregations. In 2015, there were 370,000 believers in Latvia (as a few years ago), but in Old Believer communities – 2,393 people.
In addition, the Latvian Old Believers’ Pomeranian Church stated in its report that 41,042 believers attend services. It should be noted that in this church only a believer who has the right to vote at meetings is considered a member of the community.
In 2015, there were 6,888 people in Latvian Baptist communities.
A report by the Ministry of Justice, cited by Blagovest Info, shows that last year there were 3,935 Seventh-day Adventists, 526 Methodists, 284 Jews, 337 Muslims, 145 Krishna women, 3,187 fifties, 3,000 members of the New Generation Church, 3,175 evangelicals. Christians of the faith, 162 Buddhists, 697 pagans, 972 Mormons, 100 members of reformist communities, 721 Jehovah’s Witnesses, 432 members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, 220 members of the Autonomous Orthodox Church, 264 members of the Salvation Army, 21 Hindus, and 37 members of the Visarion. members of the sect.
The data at the disposal of the Central Statistical Bureau show that at the beginning of 2016, 1,969,000 people lived in Latvia.
A month ago, the third Church Night took place in Latvia. This tradition was born 10 years ago in Austria with the aim of uniting all Christians. Church night events are also organized in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia.

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