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In Latvia, The Party’s Establishment Fees Are 10 Times Higher Than In Estonia

On March 3 of this year, the Saeima by a majority of votes adopted changes in the legislation concerning the conditions for running in the Saeima and EP elections. In order to stand for election to the Saeima or the European Parliament, a party or party association must now have at least 500 members and the parties must be established no later than one year before the elections. The number of 200 citizens of the Republic of Latvia required for the establishment of parties has been maintained. The same 200 members must also be present when running in local elections.
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week by telephone Andris Orol contacted his Estonian counterpart about the party’s founding affairs. Estonians used to have 1,000 founders to form a party, now 500. What are the differences in registration? In Estonia, 500 founders do not have to gather in one day, time and place for the party’s founding congress. Lists of at least 500 founders are collected for an indefinite period of time, then submitted to a notary for review. The notary has to pay 300-400 eur for the work together with the state fees. The documents are then submitted to the Register of Enterprises.
In Latvia, at least 200 founders have to gather at the same time and place for the founding congress, for each of the 200+ founders they have to pay a state fee of 13-15 eur, as well as a notary fee of 300-400 eur (the amounts are not exactly remembered by Andris Orols).
We see differences – in Estonia the material expenses are 300-400 eur (oral information), in Latvia they are about 3-3.5 thousand eur + rent of premises, stationery, etc. etc. A total of at least 4,000 eur.
If we want a different policy in Latvia, a new political force must be created. There is no other way out –…
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