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Russia’s “Bubble” Was Created To Divert Attention From The Selfish Interests Of Billionaires

On Tuesday evening, an interview with Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is known for his sharp statements towards the world and especially hostile attitude towards the Baltic states, was shown on the Latvian television program “1: 1”. Once again, Zhirinovsky warned that Latvia would be destroyed because Russian rights were being suppressed here.
Zhirinovsky believes that the European Union’s (EU) support for Ukraine is misleading, because Europe supported Hitler until September 1, 1939.
“For six years, the fascist regime was supported by the whole of Europe. And further? World War II then began and [Germany] stopped supporting. Germany was divided and the main culprits were hanged. Therefore, if Europe supports something, it does not mean that it is right. The EU is committing a crime, “says Zhirinovsky.
The politician believes that the Hitler regime was created by none other than the Americans. “The main thing in Europe was not to create a Hitler regime. It was created by Stif. Jacob Stif, American banker. For his money created. Also Rockefeller and Rothschild. They did everything. They benefited from fascist Germany in order to confront it with the Soviet Union, “says Zhirinovsky, who believes that a very similar scenario is being repeated today, in which Ukraine was interfered with. “Nowadays, a coup in Ukraine was needed for a clash with Russia. After Russia started to win, NATO would intervene, first and foremost Germany. It’s all a long-term scenario, decades ahead. So all this is known. We see preparations for war. But you don’t understand it. You probably worry about the Crimea. Think of yourself! ”
Zhirinovsky also threatens that if any retaliatory action is taken against the Russians, Russia will have to take some measures. “Economically, diplomatically and so on, but in case of war with NATO, of course, the Baltics will be the first to get into a difficult situation. Because you have bases there, NATO tanks, NATO forces are stationed – tens of thousands. So far, little, but there are both in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Of course, these countries put themselves at risk, even to destruction. For complete! So you should not think about green people in Eastern Latvia. You should think that in the event of a major conflict involving the use of nuclear weapons by either NATO or the United States, there will be nothing left for the Baltics. Nothing at all. (..) Today is Latvia, there is Lithuania, Estonia. There will be nothing. Absolutely. No Latvian, no Lithuanian, no Estonian. You think about it! Like Romanians. There is now an anti-missile system. However, we will destroy it because it is directed against us. There will be nothing left of Romania. Burnt land. You do that, not us. With you, NATO troops are approaching the border, Romania and Poland have anti-missile systems. (..) You are preparing a war against us. Organize provocations. However, you made Ukraine specially pro-fascist in order to provoke a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, »Zhirinovsky believes.
Zhirinovsky also continues to say that NATO is preparing for a war against Russia, which is why Russia is ready to retaliate and therefore Latvia will have to be destroyed completely.
“You know that a bomber can fly from the Baltics with nuclear bombs to St. Petersburg in four minutes, and to Moscow in 15 minutes. Will we tolerate it then? In 15 minutes and you and NATO will bomb Moscow from NATO airfields in Latvia! Nothing, we will never allow! Before the decision is made to take the plane in the direction of Moscow, we will destroy the whole of Latvia. There will be nothing left. Crater! Smoky crater! No plane will take off to Moscow! The same in Estonia, the same in Lithuania. Also in Romania and Poland. Wherever it will be decided to attack Russia. These countries will be completely destroyed. Do you want to live? Do you want to live? Remove NATO forces » said the politician.
Speaking about the occupation of Latvia, Zhirinovsky emphasizes that Latvia has never existed as a state, because it deserved Russia a “trophy” from Sweden, and that is why in 1918 Latvia did not have the right to declare independence because no permission was received from the tsar and the Soviet government.
“Latvia came to us, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia in 1721 after the Peace of Neustadt. You were part of the Swedish Empire. We destroyed the Swedes, and the Swedes were sadly disappointed, and Peter the First still gave them money. After the treaty, these lands came to us, because even before they were seized by Sweden, the Russians also lived there. We never attack. Name me the day when Russia would have occupied a country! Would have declared war on someone. Tell me such a fact in European history! Name – when! Napoleon himself came to us. Hitler himself came. Charles the Twelfth himself came. Poles. They also came… [the events of 1940 are due to] you resigned illegally. Where did you leave? Who gave you the right to withdraw? Where is the decision that we grant you independence? You weren’t. You were a Baltic province. You weren’t – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. You yourself declared independence arbitrarily, and America did not recognize you for a long time. The American president said it would not go through. “Some group of citizens has decided to declare independence, but it is the territory of the Russian Empire,” Zhirinovsky said. “We have never attacked the Baltic and we have never occupied it. In the end, you got 1991. ”
Zhirinovsky continues to insist that there has been no occupation of Latvia, as it is part of the Russian Empire. “Who gives the right to leave the empire? What gave you the right to withdraw? Where is the decision of the caretaker government? Where is Tsar Nicholas Second’s decision? Where is the decision of the Soviet government? There was no decision that you were created! We had the right to bring in troops. Then there was another situation, there was the Riga Peace Treaty. It’s all history. We agreed on everything and it ended in 1991. The USSR is no more! Everything! Now let’s find the moments. You save Latvia now! Don’t put it there in 1940 and anywhere else! It has been 86 years. Who needs it, 1940? 66-67 years ago and you’re worried about that. I say – World War II took place. We wanted to stop Hitler beyond our borders. We also took part of the territory for Finland and took the Baltics back, and we took half of Poland, and we took Bessarabia. Why don’t you mention Bessarabia? ” asks Zhirinovsky.
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Andris Orols
Yesterday’s LTV1 show ”1: 1 ”. Russia, like other countries in the world, has different political forces with different ideologies and different leaders. Zhirinovsky is the leader of the second most popular party (the Liberal Democrats) in Russia. He hopes to win and run the country in the coming elections. What scenario is envisaged for Latvia in this case? Zhirinovsky belongs to a group of politicians who not only want to expand Russia within the former USSR, but also within the Russian Empire. Zhirinovsky: “Crimea belongs to Russia. For 200 years. We took it from the Turks… ”.

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