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Nato Analysts Acknowledge Russia’s Superiority Over Nato Forces In Syria

NATO analysts acknowledge Russia’s superiority over Alliance forces in Syria
Moscow uses more modern technology and Russian pilots are better trained, according to the authors of a secret NATO report. Russia’s military operation in Syria has yielded significant results thanks to the pilots’ excellent skills and military equipment, despite the fact that the number of NATO aircraft in Syria exceeds the Russian GKS in the country, reports RIA Novosti, referring to the German magazine Focus, which released the Alliance’s secret analytical report. .
Forty Russian warplanes from the Latakia province in Syria operate up to 75 flights a day, each time with “accurate and effective strikes” on ISIS positions, the report said. NATO forces, which use 180 warplanes, destroy only 20 targets every day.
Russia uses state-of-the-art technology in Syria: for example, Moscow has sent four Su-35s to Latvia, which, according to experts, surpasses most Western aircraft.
The document states that Moscow uses Syrian Air Force intelligence and Russian special services data in its calculations, which regularly report on strategically important objects.
Alliance analysts stress that Russia’s determined actions have led ISIS terrorists to leave the occupied territories and stop the brutal “demonstration of force”.
“Despite the fact that Western politicians often talk about Russian attacks on insurgents and the large number of civilian casualties, the report does not say that civilians have been affected by Russian airstrikes,” Focus said.
Since September 30 last year, at the request of President Bashar al-Assad, Russia has launched precise air strikes on ISIS and Jebhat an Nusra sites in Syria. In parallel, the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, which has not been authorized by the Syrian government, is participating in the war in Syria. The coalition and Russia are exchanging information on the raids, but there is no closer coordination yet.
From 27 February 2016, a ceasefire between government and opposition armed groups was declared in Syria, in accordance with a joint statement by the United States and the Russian Federation. The ceasefire does not apply to groups recognized by the UN as terrorist organizations, so attacks on the Islamic State and Jebhat an Nusra will continue.
The Syrian General Staff and Kurdish groups have reported to the Russian Conflict Prevention Center that artillery has been fired from Turkish territory. Russia sees the Syrian shooting as a provocation. The Turkish Foreign Ministry denies firing on Kurdish positions in Syria following the ceasefire, stressing that only ISIS targets are being fired on.

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