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Pike Sharply Criticizes The “Party” Organized By Truksnis In Jurmala

The portal has published an e-mail distributed on behalf of the co-chairman of the Latvian Green Party, Member of the Saeima Ingmar Līdaka. However, the Member himself has not publicly revealed whether he is the author of this sharp letter. Edgars Tavars, Chairman of the Board of the Green Party, admits that he has received such a letter.
“Hello, dear members and candidates of the Latvian Green Party!
It is as if, as Christmas approaches, we should only talk about the bright and the beautiful. Unfortunately, this time we have to talk about that spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey, which can make the whole Christmas meal unpalatable.
Receiving the invitation to the LATVIAN GREEN PARTY Christmas event in Jūrmala, which was enthusiastically recommended by the Chairman of the Board of LZP, I was very surprised! Until now, the LZP Board and co-chairs had been informed about the events organized by the PARTY a long time ago!
This time, the flow of information seems to have stopped at the level that the media has more than once “accurately” formulated as “Latvian Green Leader and Party Chairman E.Tavars”, although LZP has always stood out with the fact that it has neither a leader nor a chairman (there are two co-chairs , which does not include the Chairman of the Board). If I am mistaken, and Mr Tavara’s invitation to the event was as much a surprise as it was to me, it is even less so that it can be called a party-wide event and is recommended to members with such elation and passion.
LZP Jūrmala branch, of course, is entitled to invite whatever it wants to its branch event, but before going to it, it should be taken into account that Jūrmala mayor and ZZS faction leader Gatis Truksnis is mentioned in the media due to violations of the Party Financing Law (and not only ), but the organization of such large – scale events requires a number of funds that must be credited to the account of the Latvian Green Party. And all this in the context of the fact that the accountant of ZZS has to go to KNAB every week to find out about the donations received in the first half of the year from the owners of very non-Latvian surnames, the origin of which can be clearly found in Jūrmala!
I would like to remind you that the consequences of violations of the Law on Party Financing are the inevitable denial of state funding (well over 100 thousand EUR per year) to the violating party or party association. Of course, such wealthy local governments as Jūrmala’s future and current deputies to sneeze at such money, but in the total maintenance and publicity expenses of ZZS and LZP it is a significant part of expenses.
Reading the invitation, I do not leave the feeling that this event is and remains a shameless “fishing for votes” for the defense of Gatas Trukšnis at the LZP council meeting on January 13, where it will obviously have to decide on challenging the LZP board decision to expel G.Trukšnis from the party. In all fairness, it must be admitted that the said person has never really been in the Latvian Green Party, because it has always been too difficult to orientate oneself beyond the office of the Chairman of the Board of the Farmers’ Union August Brigmanis in the corridors of the ZZS structure.
The “ball” organized in deep secrecy actually seems like a deliberate provocation against the majority of the LZP board and co-chairmen, who, seeing Gatas Trukšnis’ ignorance of the party’s interests, decided to expel him from the ranks of LZP members. It seems that someone wants an escalation of disagreements, and as you read this letter, you must understand that, at least in part, this goal has been achieved.
At least for me, waiting for more than 2 weeks unsuccessfully for the opportunity to meet the famous mayor of Jūrmala, who, in order to speak openly about the past and future, lacks either health, time or interest, has no desire to go to his “Balli”! But it will be so easy to say that “the arrogant Pike ignores the members of the Green Party”!
Here I really do not want to offend the real organizers of the event and LZP Jūrmala branch, who honestly and heartily want to make others happy, but, as the people say, “even the best intentions can lead to hell”… It is so clear that at least some Jūrmala branch members and the minds of some LZP officials, waiting for Christmas, are not as white and heartfelt as they seem when reading the invitation… The
Latvian Green Party has long been no longer a small, marginal group of like-minded people. As a part of the alliance of power parties, it is constantly in the media spotlight, and it is useless to hope that the “ball” of Jūrmala, visited by ministers, parliamentarians and local government officials, will go unnoticed and not widely discussed. And not with the most favorable tone, not forgetting to spit juicily on the Prime Minister and the President as well!
Already now, journalists are constantly talking about the formation of an “opposition faction” within the LZP, and many signs suggest that this is unfortunately the case! But every controversy, with the consensus of the members of the Green Party, is immediately seen in the context of the ZZS, the coalition forming the government and the stability of the government!
Likewise, every real or even staged (I do not rule out that this is the case with G. Trukšnis) member of the Green Party has a significant impact on the reputation of the ZZS, the government, the Prime Minister and the “green” president. If it wonders, should the “green” president be willing to associate himself, at least indirectly, with a party plagued by intrigue, disagreement and corruption?
But we all remember how a group of “Sorosites” steeped in ambition, honor and power crush destroyed the greatness of the once unshakable “Unity”! I would be really sorry if the most experienced party in the restored Latvia would suffer a similar fate, thanks to the career aspirations of some opportunists!
In politics, there is an enormous difference between experience and reputation based on success and mistakes among other players in the political game. It is enough for one team player to do at least a couple of seemingly insignificant but unforgivable actions, and the whole team is disqualified. We are very, very close to making a fatal mistake!
I am really ashamed of ZP’s old and especially recent members for what is happening in our party now! In a party that has always been recognized as monolithic and friendly! Obviously the test with power is really not easy to pass!
The Latvian Green Party is a democratic party and has never imposed a majority opinion on everyone. However, the opinion of the majority is always respected! It may have happened because no one has ever blatantly ignored the views of colleagues in the fight for their personal goals, and no one has ever blatantly designed their personal advocacy campaign at the expense of the common interest as it is today! “Let Kuchinsky deal with his Yevrope himself, the main thing is that someone finds out and talks about me!”.
There is a true saying – “The rich do as they please, but the poor do as they can”. The Jurmala branch can only afford to hold a Christmas party as a result of foreseeable circumstances, but not infrequently the LZP board has to decide how to pay off debts for organizing the congress, renting premises, office expenses, etc.
I apologize again to all members for to doubt the ability of the leadership of the Latvian Green Party! Do not hesitate! LZP management is now as united as ever! However, even when the penguins feel the approach of the blizzard, they squeeze together more tightly (I. Godmanis).
So one, the youngest and loudest penguin, seems to have chosen to snow in solitude and urges others to do the same! He has never seen a real blizzard in his short life and does not know that only everyone can expect a thriving spring!
Merry Christmas to you! Together with those you believe in!
LZP co-chairman Ingmārs Līdaka ”

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