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Latest Information On The Case Of A Suicide Police Officer

The portal already reported suicide yesterday, December 18, when a police officer lost his life. The journalists of the portal have tried to find out new information about what happened, but the management of the State Police is still trying to conceal any information as much as possible (see here: ). Meanwhile, according to the indirect information available at, it is considered that the deceased is Valmiera police officer Pēteris B.
“The State Police confirms that on the night of December 15 this year, a dead man was found in his place of residence in Valmiera, who was an order police inspector of the Vidzeme Region Department of the State Police. A service weapon was also found nearby, from which the man most likely committed suicide. Criminal proceedings have been initiated in connection with the incident, but at present there is no evidence that the incident was related to a criminal offense, ”this is still all the information provided by the State Police.
The management of the State Police still categorically refuses to provide any information on the content of the pre-death letter left by the police officer. It has already been reported that it mentions several high-ranking State Police officials and their actions, which led to the suicide of police officers.
A Sufficient reader over the weekend said the suicide was committed by police inspector Peter B., who, according to a statement from his official, received about 840 euros a month in salary “on paper”, without any property or car, was not married, the only relative – mother.
After all, this version is true, but the Valmiera police leadership is not only not ready to provide any information about the possible causes of the tragedy and reveal the content of the pre-death letter, but has not even expressed official condolences regarding the death of Peter B.
Enough of the called representative of the Valmiera police management on Monday was only interested in who the caller is and what the desire to find out the causes of the tragedy is related to. In turn, the official answer of the Chief of the State Police Inta Ķuža (pictured) is still – the State Police does not want to provide any comments.

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