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Corruption “Lands” At Riga Airport

On Monday, a decision was made to remove two members of the board of Riga Airport, who are possibly related to corruption schemes, from their positions.
The shareholders’ meeting of Riga Airport has decided to remove Andris Liepiņš, Chairman of the Board, and Ilmārs Upenieks, Member of the Board. The meeting reached such a decision, taking into account the internal audit commissioned by the Ministry of Transport on procurement procedures, as a result of which serious problems were identified.
Liepiņš and Upenieks have been suspended from the positions because they have “lost the trust of the airport council”.
In the course of the audit, it became clear that the airport board has commissioned a study from the Latvian Aviation Association on the impact of aviation on the economy, the total value of which reaches 7,000 euros. It should be noted that Andris Liepiņš is the chairman of the council of this association.

The auditors found out that the airport has signed a contract with the construction company Velve for 700 thousand euros. In addition, Ilmārs Upenieks has previously worked on the board of this company.
The court may not be so clear-cut. Airport Council member Tālis Linkaits, who voted against the suspension of Liepiņš and Upenieks, informed that before making the decision, they had felt serious pressure from the Ministry of

Transport, the portal writes. For this reason, he believes that the situation shows a political subtext. However, the auditors differ – they point to corruption schemes.
Headless airport did not stay long. Ilona Līce, a member of the Board, has been temporarily appointed Chairman of the Board. Valters Stūrmanis and Artūrs Saveļjevs, Director of the Commercial Department of Riga Airport, who has been temporarily appointed to the Board, will also continue to serve on the Board.
A competition for vacant positions of the Chairman and Member of the Board will be announced by June 30.

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