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30.10.2015 Valga 15:30 And Valka 18:00 Joint Anti-Immigration Campaign

Andris Orols : “Civic activities” STOP mass immigration! ” We have made contacts with similar groups in Estonia. Estonians call for a joint anti-immigration action on October 30 in Valga – Valka. “The activities are organized by the National Front Foundation (Euroopa Rahvusrinne SA) in cooperation with the People’s Democratic Party of Unity (RÜE) against mass immigration. From the Estonian side: The event starts at 15.30. The program includes the singing of the fathers’ land songs, at 18:30 the torchlight procession will begin. At the Estonian-Latvian border crossing at the intersection of Raja Street and Rīgas Street. Approximately 19:00 we will be on the Latvian border. Hoping for your cooperation – (with the same activities on your part) we will create a chain of people with torches through the Estonian-Latvian border. This would be a clear signal to our governments and to the whole of Europe of our common position against mass immigration. This campaign will also help to unite the peoples of the Baltic States. Come and let’s unite against the regime.

From the Latvian side: 30.10.2015 18:00 Let’s gather at the Latvian-Estonian border ( Latvian-Estonian border, Rīgas iela 1, Valka) with flags and torches to protest against the forced mass migration together with the Estonian brothers. We must be there and go to the Estonians. I invite everyone who thinks the same and is ready to join the JOINT event to apply.

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