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A New Case Against The Former Head Of The Riga Central Market For Bribery

Former Chairman of the Board of the Riga Central Market Anatolijs Abramovs figures in a new criminal case on bribery. In another recent case opened in 2015, the prosecutor’s office charged him with corruption.
The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) explained to LETA that in May the bureau had initiated criminal proceedings for alleged criminal offenses in the service of state institutions, namely bribery. Not to mention his name and position, KNAB points out that in this case the actions of the Riga Central Market official will be evaluated and in this case one person has been recognized as a suspect, and security measures not related to deprivation of liberty have been applied to him.
Abramov was arrested last Friday, 17.6.2017. His lawyer, Aldis Gēcis, previously said that on Saturday night KNAB applied a non-custodial security measure to Abramov, but he did not want to reveal any of them.
The lawyer refused to disclose any details of the criminal proceedings, including whether and what actions his client was being charged.
Abramov, who was suspended from office, was recalled from the Riga Central Market Board on June 15.
It has already been reported that at the end of May, the Riga Court District Prosecutor’s Office decided to prosecute Abramov and a businessman in another case for corruption.
The chairman of the board of the Riga Municipal Capital Company has been charged with the articles of the Criminal Law, which provide for liability for the disclosure of information obtained in pre-trial criminal proceedings, illegal storage of firearm ammunition and bribery.
In turn, an entrepreneur has been held criminally liable for bribery and violation of accounting and statistical information rules.
The prosecutor’s office does not reveal the broader nature of the accusation, but the KNAB’s previously issued statement states that the case was initiated in 2015 and the investigation revealed that the chairman of the Riga municipal capital company accepted a bribe from a businessman benefit.
The bribe was passed on to a public official for carrying out illegal activities in the interests of the legal entity, including the preparation of technical specifications that resulted in the company winning the public procurement.
Evidence shows that the bribe was given from the company’s funds, as well as false information was given in the company’s accounting documents in order to conceal the committed criminal offense.
TV3 previously reported that the company from which the Chairman of the Board of the Riga Central Market Abramovs accepted the bribe, allowing him to win the tender for the extermination of rats and other pests, is SIA “Dezinfa”. The procurement was announced last spring, its value was about 23,000 euros.
The investigation also established that the Chairman of the Board of the Riga Municipal Capital Company disclosed the information obtained during the pre-trial criminal proceedings, as well as stored the ammunition of the firearm without the relevant special permit.
Riga Central Market is a joint stock company 100% owned by Riga Municipality. The authorized representative of the shareholder is the Mayor of Riga.

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